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is it just me or did you mention quite of bit of classic rock (ACTUAL BEST) also: the probability of vomiting on Bryan Cranston’s shoes, I’m dying xD

ahaha now that you mention it that was a pretty classic rock-y list! i LOVE classic rock although jazz is still my favourite genre as a whole:) 


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I was tagged by wicked-felina (thank you!)

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1: Name: Sarah

2: Age: 22 *hums taylor swift*

3: 3 Fears: becoming passive/not contributing, ending up alone, being complacent in a bad situation
4: 3 things I love: there are good people in my life, there is good art in my life, life in general

5: 4 turn ons: humour, kindness, thoughtfulness, self-possession

6: 4 turn offs: deliberate cruelty, cynicism, selfishness, the need to always be right
7: My best friend: my best guyfriend is an angel on this earth if there ever was one, and my best girlfriend is the flipside of me in every way except in how much we love being friends. i lucked out with both.
8: Sexual orientation: bi 
9: My best first date: mini-putt was a pretty nice one actually haha 
10: How tall am I: 5ft 3
11: What do I miss: nothing at the moment!
12: What time was I born: 2am-ish

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148-3tothe3tothe6tothe9 said: do you know if the writers ever said what happened to Wendy? Cause half measures was the last ep she was in- I FEEL LIKE THEY SHOULDVE GIVEN US SOME KIND OF CLOSURE. I mean youd think at some point Jesse would've met up with her again, since he didnt have a lot of people he was close to?

oh gosh I actually don’t know! I don’t think I’ve heard anything either way. But I agree that would have been nice to have! But I guess we’re just supposed to assume she goes on and lives her life in accordance with the ‘Windy’ montage and that whole cycle. As sad as it is it seems the most realistic:(

AND YEAH I wonder about that! I kind of like to think he and Saul might have shared a beer at one point much later in the future? since they’re the only ones left who really knew the extent of all the shit that went down? But not sure how realistic that feels, given Saul’s role in Brock’s poisoning. Oh yeah and I feel like he’d want to look up Brock but idk, as much as he’d want to take care of Brock I kind of feel he should take care of himself first. But yeah I almost think if he met with anyone it might be Wendy. Given how he kept giving Andrea and Brock money I can kind of see him doing (or trying to do) the same for Wendy and her son, maybe as a way of making up for what happened to the last mother/son duo he knew:( oh mannn you’re giving me feels haha. I mean I like the idea of Jesse just CUTTING ALL TIES AND BEING FREE OF THE PAST FOREVERMORE. but idk he’s so warm and he functions based on his relationships with others and I feel like he’d almost NEED to go back for closure with these people he shared something with


"Marcel, burn it down"
“Oui, Shosanna”

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