nooooo *shushes you* I love the tag even more when his dignity goes out the window, it absolutely makes my day xD

HAHA omg k good! It entertains me hugely so i’m glad haha. ohmygod his absolutely passionate patheticness is just….amazing haha

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the problem with having ‘my star my perfect silence’ as a tag for walter white is that sometimes it’s GREAT. you can reblog him being bold and brilliant, coming up with genius schemes, slipping into inner darkness, taking a stand, brimming with nerve and daring and destruction, and you get to be like MY STAR MY PERFECT SILENCE

but then sometimes he’s like. struggling to pick up potted plants or like. passed out face-first in popcorn. or bargaining using dipping sticks. or chasing flies with a homemade fly-sabre and you’re just there like. *rubs temples* “my star my…” *avoids eye-contact with everyone* ” …perfect…” *mumbles awkwardly* “…silence.”

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Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman
↳ Cat’s In The Bag… (1x02)

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