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Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander x Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes


As I’ve been going through House of Cards, just for fun I’ve kind of been watching it with the personal headcanon that:


Ok so it helps that there’s the crazy resemblance that just pops out sometimes, as well as Fincher’s directorial style that makes the sets seem like an americanized extension of GWTDT

But how wild would it be if the mysterious Camilla Salander - Lisbeth’s loathed and estranged twin sister - moved to the US, changed her name to Zoe Barnes aND TOOK A JOB AS A REPORTER IN WASHINGTON DC

They both have qualities they’d probably hate in the other. Lisbeth would look down on Zoe making herself sexually available to men with power and Zoe would scorn Lisbeth’s inability to assimilate as a foolish and socially restricting move.

But then they’re both very similar too. Both are keen strategists, good at ferreting out details, and ruthlessly cold manipulators of others.

And then there are the other physical details of them being described as opposites, with Camilla being called the “beautiful” one, which probably just means she met the more conventional and approachable standards of beauty. Lisbeth is still described as supermodel-striking when you get past the more unusual features (and this holds to true to Rooney and Kate’s different beauties). AND, we know that Lisbeth is a natural redhead. Guess who’s going around Washington with a gorgeous head of auburn hair, hMMM? 

Anyways. This is just the headcanon I use for further entertaining myself in Zoe’s storylines lol (and as a coping mechanism for how we never meet Camilla). But yeah. ZOE BARNES IS CAMILLA SALANDER WOOT

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